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// I am never going to get over the fact that Mercy went from loathing and despising all vampires to developing romantic feelings for one. Someone is being impulsive.

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dirty-vamp said:
"Another one?"



"Another one of what?  A glass of ‘yes-Mercy-I-forgot-about-your-birthday’?  Nah, I will be fine with sweet nothing." 

“We change the world every day, Mercy. But the world isn’t always as grateful as it should. Still, we do what we do anyway” Raphael said as she got closer to the girl. “I missed you. A lot” She smiled. “Come on, I have a present waiting for you in my car. Follow me”

"The world and its great need of help, it is good to see that some things will never change no matter what. Meanwhile we all pay the prize."  Mercy shrugged. 

As soon the vampire came closer Mercy took a step away from her, a little unusual that she as it seemed now. “A present? If it is another weapon I will serious start to scream. A girl does not desire weapons, I can promise you that.”

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vampirewitchdoll submitted:


"I promise," she answered. She hadn’t gone back on one promise yet, and she’s not going to start. "I understand what you mean about trusting people-I can’t trust anyone, mortal or immortal."

She took a deep breath as she held down her hand and lifted the invisible cage she placed on the circle. “Some still wants to kill me, others want me dead by either plunging the wooden stake in my heart or take my head.”

"Well from what I have heard by rumors I could figure that they were not too fond of your witch ways— besides, hunters always tend to look for anything supernatural in order to slaughter.  "  Mercy explained not sure whether the other wanted her to pity her or to at least frown about the distress of the other. 

" But let’s not get into that, I recall on you needing this spell. Therefor I ask you how are we going to get it?  Where is it to begin with?  " 

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INSPIRATION;;         B · l · o · o · d 


everything is on fire
and the flames

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Erica + smiles
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